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For years Kan-Sun was a leader in the grain handling industry.  Kan-Sun Dryers are economical and reliable units to operate.  For that reason we're committed to providing our customers with this cost-effective alternative!  Our refurbished units will provide you with the benefits of larger tower dryers at a fraction of the price.

We're so confident that you'll be happy with one of our Kan-Sun units, that we back them all with a season warranty on all parts and labor.  Read on down the page, and when you see all that we do to these units, you'll understand why.


Our Kan-Sun Refurbishing Process

We purchase used Kan-Sun dryers from all over the midwest.  When they enter our shop, each Kan-Sun unit is completely disassembled.  The legs are removed, so that we can grind, sand, prime and repaint them.  We want to be sure that they can be easily adjusted when they're back in the field.  We also replace the floors when necessary and reseal all seams. 

Bases on the Kan-Suns are also sanded down, primed and repainted.  Each unit is fitted with a variable frequency drive controller, as well as tube, flight, motors and pulleys.  Chains and sprockets on the drives are examined and replaced when needed.  All gas lines and fittings are replaced, as well.
Estimated capacities:

(Removing 5 points)
Bushel per hour Capacity
8-17-15 400
10-21-210 550
10-25-215 750

Assumptions:  Outside temperature 50˚ or above @ 200˚ plenum temperature

Another Kan-Sun dryer, ready for delivery.  Keep reading
to find out why there's so much interest in our Kan-Suns.
We've gone to great lengths to make
a good thing a whole lot better!


Channel rings are replaced, and new sheeting is put in place. While apart, the inside partitions are examined and restored or replaced, as needed.  Burner shields, flame probes, limit switches...all are replaced with new, and it all goes back together using new nuts, bolts and rivets.

The motors are gone through thoroughly.  Each is fitted with new seals and bearings.  All motors are bench tested before leaving our shop.

Each dryer is fitted with a second air intake door and then skinned with stainless steel sheeting with oversized holes.  This keeps the outside cleaner during operation and increases capacity.


The electrical systems on of our Kan-Suns are thoroughly gone through, also.  Each Kan-Sun is fitted with a new control panel and all new components are installed.  Each dryer has new upper limit switches, diaphragms, and gauges installed.

Dryers can be controlled manually.  For improved efficiencies, dryers can be set up with a Calc-u-Dri unit, or the new i-Kan Automatic Moisture Controller and Remote Monitoring System.


Upgrade Options available on Kan-Sun Dryers

We have eliminated the hydrostat discharge drive and  now install inverter drives on the discharge with excellent results.  Until recently, we have  retro-fitted the units with Calc-u-dri controls.  Now, we are excited to offer the i-Kan Automatic Moisture Controll & Remote Monitoring System.

Finally, our refurbished Kan-Sun units can be customized.  Many of our customers add a roof to their unit to extend the life of the dryer.  We even offer color options to match your existing equipment. 

Once these units are in the field, we have a fully trained staff that will keep you up and running!

Want to know more? 
Give us a call today at (800) 931-9382. 
Or stop by and see the whole process for yourself!


Be sure to look into whether the economical operation of a Kan-Sun Dryer could help you to qualify for an REAP Energy Grant.

Take a look at some of our completed dryers below.

Looking for Parts? 
Just looking for Kan-Sun parts?  We keep most Kan-Sun parts in stock.  We also have a knowledgeable staff of experts who can provide over-the-phone or on-farm service.
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